Game bird hunting

Hunting Grouse using pointing dogs is an old, traditional hunting method that was introduced to Great Britain and the continent in the early to mid-1800s. In the Swedish mountains, grouse hunting has been conducted with pointing dogs since ancient times. Medstugan, the hunting lodge that is the base of our operations, has been a popular place for game bird hunts for over a century; it even has a special outbuilding that was constructed for hanging the shot grouse. This outbuilding is still in use and now has special preservation status.

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We offer grouse hunts using pointing dogs. Hunting takes place on the open mountainsides or in the surrounding forests of mountain birch. We can host groups of varying sizes, but to 2-3 people per guide during the hunt is ideal. This hunting method requires a great deal of walking in the mountains, but the breathtaking views mean you soon forget that you are also getting some exercise.

Grouse hunting is very sociable, as you have time to chat during the day; it is only in bird situations that discipline and a cool head are necessary. The hunting season starts on 25 August and we recommend two to three days of hunting.

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