Moose hunting

We know that the right conditions for a successful hunt include solid knowledge of the landscape in which we work and of the game we hunt. It is also necessary to have a great deal of experience and, not least, good dogs. After many years as a hunt outfitter, we feel we can claim to possess a great deal of knowledge, but we remain humble about hunting, much of which is done on nature’s terms.

We hunt moose on 15,000 contiguous hectares of private, roadless mountain terrain. The animals migrate to Norway during the winter, where the warmer Atlantic coast offers good winter grazing. During the spring they return to calve and enjoy the lush, quiet summer grazing in the mountains. Our hunting grounds have an exceptionally good moose population, not least large bulls; an annual harvest of more than 50 animals describes the size of the population. Moose hunting starts on the first Monday of September.

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Driven moose hunts

For a successful driven hunt, the group should be around 10 people. Depending on the wind and weather, we may choose to hunt with the dogs loose or leashed, or a combination of the two. The dog handlers and the dogs drive the moose towards the waiting guns. If we choose to hunt with unleashed dogs, the hunters may have the chance to stalk up to where the dog is holding the moose at bay by barking. We strive to hunt in several areas each day, so that the hunters do not have to wait too long. We have around 120 shooting positions on our grounds, with no need for high seats as all the positions are beautifully located with excellent views.

Traditional moose hunts

Our most exclusive hunting product is our 1+1 hunt with a barking dog; you and a guide hunt alone over large area. The dog searches widely to locate a moose, and when it makes contact it barks rhythmically to hold the moose at bay. When the situation feels stable and the dog has good control, we can start to cautiously approach. Sometimes this may be from a distance of several kilometres and take a long time. The aim is to get close enough to assess the moose and fire a safe shot. Few types of hunting provide such an adrenaline boost, as sometimes you get so close you can hear the moose breathing.

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We hunt moose on 15,000 contiguous hectares of private, roadless mountain terrain.